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    Our Products are extruded in modern blown film lines all the operations are controlled by a sophisticated computerised system that automatically checks the recipe and the thickness and width of the film. The product can be produced from different kinds of components to satisfy customers requirements. The printing of the products is done using flexographic printing lines of up to 6 colours, which ensures excellent quality of printing. The Printing lines are provided with controlled winding system, to ensure consistent tension in winding from the very beginning to the end, thus eliminating problems such as film blocking.

     All the products are tested in the quality control department. The Analysis certificate with data detailing the composition, dimension and mechanical properties of the product is provided with the delivery of every product. Safety data sheets and a certificate of conformity are also supplied.

  Request for quotation will be dealt only through official request, either by E-mail on qppc@qppc.net or fax at +974-44770896