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Norton SafeWeb declared our website SAFE

October 2013 posted by Website Admin

       Qatar Plastic And Wooden Products Company W.L.L. is proud to announce that, following our submission for rating by Norton SafeWeb, they have given the QPPC website the green OK light, finding no threats present on our website or linked to from our website. Norton is a world wide respected security company with many popular products on the market.

       Those who have visited us for many years will undoubtedly already know that we never link to or host content that could be harmful in any way. However, third party verification is good to reassure current members and visitors that we are still committed to this promise and to also show new visitors, members, customers and potential customers that QPPC is providing a safe experience on our website and our products areas.

       The security of our visitors, members and customers is of the utmost importance to QPPC and we are happy that a prestigious company such as Norton, has verified our website.

       Norton SafeWeb scans websites to check for many different problems that can occur , any visitor to the SafeWeb website can check any website that they are unsure about.

Three broad areas that Norton SafeWeb checks are:
Computer Threats
Identity Threats
Annoyance Factors

       Please leave us a review and rating on SafeWeb. Each and every piece of feedback given to QPPC is read and taken seriously, our visitors, members and customers feedback is important to us and helps us to continue to improve all of the websites, products and services provided by QPPC. If you manage to spare the time to leave a community review for QPPC then thank you very much!

QPPC safe web link verification:


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