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 QPPC is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We view our quality management system as a dynamic and ever-developing structure and aim to maintain and improve our objectives continuously to facilitate the development of our business. Continual improvement is the focus of our ongoing drive to meet and satisfy our customer's needs and expectations. We are constantly evaluating the performance indicators of our processes and analysing customer feedback and their perception of our quality in order to identify opportunities for process improvement and to take effective actions to achieve it.

    It is the policy of QPPC to provide quality products to our customers, constantly meeting their requirements, while at the same time ensuring that our goals are achieved at the lowest possible cost to ensure the profitability of our operations.

We are committed to:

Producing products as per customer and regulatory requirements;
Achieving customer satisfaction through supplying quality products on a timely basis;
Developing the business through continual improvement of our quality system.


    Approval Certificate from Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA), for Polyethylene Blue Sleeving - qualifying us to participate in all government projects in Qatar and the GCC.

    Certificate of Conformity from Qatar General Organization for Standards & Metrology, for Polyethylene Sheet/Construction Foil.

    In order to achieve continuously high quality products, QPPC utilises high technology processing lines, and all the production is tested in our quality control department. For all our production we supply an analysis certificate with data detailing the composition, dimension and mechanical properties of the product. Safety data sheets and a Certificate of Conformity are also supplied.