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    Wood-Plastic Composite to be commercially called as "WPC" is made by two (2) main components:

Polyolefin material
Vegetable fibre

    WPC production is the first in the GCC region. This material is already widely used in the European countries as well as in the US. With its unique characteristics such as longer life against severe weather conditions, higher resistance against salt corrosion fungicides and molds, limited water absorption, aesthetical appeal similar to the typical outdoor wood decking and freedom on color of choice due to the thermoplastic base material, WPC is found to be very suitable in Qatar and Middle East region.

    The most common application are outdoor decking like swimming pool areas, marinas, public areas and so on.

Two main components composed of polyolefin material and vegetable fibres.

    Raw Materials to be used are only polymers with renewable and/or re-generated properties for the compound production that is 100% recyclable.

    Production waste can be re-used for creating new compound and all products can be recycled. Wood flour/powder used is coming from furniture or wood industries wastes duly selected and analyzed. Thus, no forest is being devastated and wood-waste utilization shall be the fundamental aspect.

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