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QPPC reaches output milestone

August 2012 Volume 21 Issue 8 of Gulf Industry Online

       The company has improved its manufacturing processes and is on the threshold of managing operations in a greenfield plant making wooden pallets

       Qatar Plastic And Wooden Products Company (QPPC) has targeted output of 11,195 tonnes for this year after achieving record production in 2011 when it crossed the 10,000-tonne line for the first time.

       The company reported production of 10,486 tonnes against 8,200 tonnes in 2010. Sales were worth QR83 million ($22.7 million) against QR60.2 million in 2010.

       QPPC produces flexible packaging film for automatic bagging lines and other film for industrial and agricultural applications.

       Products are extruded in modern blown film lines and all operations are controlled by a sophisticated computerised system that automatically checks the recipe and thickness and width of the film. Printing is done using flexographic printing lines of up to 6 colours, yielding good-quality printing. The printing lines are provided with a controlled winding system to ensure consistent tension in winding from beginning to end and eliminate problems such as film blocking.

       All products are tested in the company's own quality control department. The analysis certificate with data detailing the composition, dimension and mechanical properties of the product is provided with the delivery of every product. Safety data sheets and a certificate of conformity are also supplied.

       The company recently installed a new and sophisticated printing line as well as modifying its extrusion machine's cooling system which helped raise output by 30 percent.

       A company spokesman said QPPC's interest in safeguarding the environment was manifested by the establishment of a plastic waste recycle unit that deals with waste polyethlene and other plastic film. The unit transforms waste into usable raw material that can be used to produce trash bags and other things.

       QPPC's shareholders are Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco), Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (Qimco) and the Italian firm Febo, one of the largest manufacturers of plastic film and a distributor of plastic raw materials within Europe. Each holds a third of equity.

       Qapco, Qimco and Febo have also combined equally to set up Qatar Wooden Products Company (QWPC) which the QPPC management will operate. QWPC will manufacture 1.6 million wooden pallet units annually to serve the requirements of Qapco, Q-Chem and Qatofin with production beginning later this year.

       The QPPC management also plans to set up a wood-plastic composite plant in collaboration with Italian company Plasticwood. A feasibility study is underway.

       "The company's growth strategy is in line with the Qatari Government's initiative to augment the development of small and medium enterprises which in turn act as a solid economic foundation for the country," said the QPPC spokesman.

  Request for quotation will be dealt only through official request, either by E-mail on qppc@qppc.net or fax at +974-44770896