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  Polyethylene Foil useful for all kinds of applications in the agricultural field. The Greenhouse Foil can be additivated with different types of UV Absorber and Stabilizer as per customer needs. It can be neutral or greenish. It can also be prepared with Anti-fog and I.R. Additives. The Foil for Mulching application can be white or black. The product is produced as per ASTM D4397 Standard. The value of the Permeability to the Water Vapour is also reported in the Analysis Certificate.

product specification

  • Width : Up to 5,500 mm
  • Thickness : Up to 200 micron (800 gauge)
  • Roll diameter : As per customer requirement
  • Printing : N/A
  • Packaging : Available in the form of a roll or foil depending on customers requirement.
  • Other Information : Colour of greenhouse : Neutral or yellowish Colour of Mulch film : Neutral, white or black