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  Polyethylene Tubular used by contracting companies for underground piping. All types of Blue Sleeving are as per Kahramaa specifications and have been approved by Kahramaa. The value of the permeability to the Water Vapour is also reported in the Analysis Certificate.

product specification

  • Width : Fit for pipes with diameter from 100 mm up to 1,600 mm
  • Thickness : 225 Micron
  • Roll diameter : As per customer requirement
  • Printing : Blue Sleeve: Printed with Name of Producer, Date of Production, Batch. No. and Blue Sleeve Dimensions as required by KAHRAMAA; Black Sleeve- as per customer requirement
  • Packaging : As per standard or customer requirement
  • Other Information : Colour : Blue - as per Kahramaa specification ; Black - As per customer requirement